Robot calls
The end of talking to a live person and how its done...
We can sympathize with an operator making calls or like wise receiving calls. Assembling a response to a question can be observed to be a difficult task. Common keywords in either response or to prompt a reply are simple to identify. In this discussion there are two participants and two varients in designing a robot call. These varients are who called who, determining the average length of the call, extent of information exchange and overall objective of each call. In the first example, the most common type of call is a person calling into a call center.

These calls are easily organized by topics ranging from questions from the person to the robot gathering information from the data set given to the individual to informing the robot its data set. Voice recognition software has been around for as long as the transmission of voices through electronic means as truly prior to that technological advancement.

Regardless of how or what questions of data or data information offered is, a robot is a vast improvement over a human counter part. Firstly, when we describe a robot call there is not an in fact physical presence of an android or robot. The robot exists as purely a voice in a software form in a occurance volume not reviewed by a human. Certainly another software bot can be designed to analyze calls after a particular call. In the world of artificial intelligence these calls, all calls are expected to meet certain variable parameter estimations moving into parameters descibed as pre event tapes. Once estimation performance guidelines are achieved, the world enters into a realm of set forcasting benchmarks.

As benchmarks are observed to meet forcasted expectations, a world of people can be controlled cognitively. Just as bots are designed to perform at a certain level in response and acceptance of data, so are people. While it may be conceivably a large task to match a profile to every single individual on a planet, it is easily put in to practice as each individual is created.