- Phone and mobile answers.



Wi-Fi tools
Wep password cracking - how to capture wep passwords for free wifi access.
Internet jammer - Interrupt a persons wifi access.
Public router admin - How to change password protected wifi service into free access.
Bluetooth tools
Device blocker - disable a persons bluetooth enabled device from their control.
Tv screen mirror cracker - brute force screen mirror your cell phone on to a television.
Magnetic stripe editing
Laundry card skimming - reload laundry card value to receive free laundry mat services.
Compass Steel
Dolphin By MoboTap
Mobile phones
Call splashing - ring every cell phone in a room.
Image editor
LunaPic By MoboTap
Coding Tomorrow
Downloadless software updates - How video game levels changed the way we code.
Doctors compensation tie to Robot health
When is it time to hang up with their calling.
Babies and College kids
Kids party talk about technology hacking.
Counting calories
Ordering food and controlling receipts.
Mobile phones
Call splashing - ring every cell phone in a room.
How much time do we space out with our friends
Robot calls the Judge
The end of talking to a live person and how it changes court decisions.
Clock monitoring
Why a person really wins a track of time.