A church, a grocery store manager, a raciest future.

In front of a Fedex, a plan to murder a black resident who has a job in town. Apart from his place his employment an unsafe environment is over casted by a cue of characters to guarentee the event. A Church has looked forward to the day to monitor the other potential targets. The prevention of such a scripted order is constructed by the distribution of the knowledge of the event. Before the judge of the occurance is provided everyone would seem impartial to anything other than a racially constructed high level crime as explotation of power.
A witness to the event is scripted to be in the vincinity of the area of the murder. This single witness has a violent family whose father has killed and his grandfather has killed. If he witnesses this type of violent event in front of the Fed ex office he may not choose to follow his genetic inclination to become a murderer like his forefathers. Genetic or psychological the path of accepted labor provision from a man with this blood line is to take another persons life. If this single witness is prevented from committing murder from witnessing the event of murder, is the script of murder accepted by the public for the lesson?
A church is identified as a gathering of people with like values and interpretations of values in a religious forum. Connecting themselves to the event by surrounding the individual.

In a similar way I was indocotorated into police work. Many people wanted to murder me and had murdered many people to prove their threat was serious.

LAPD showed me video of kids splashing in a pool.

Inside the mind of an officer who arrested his own psychiatrist before sleeping with his sister in a bizarre Sheriff run Crime organization..
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